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Please Please Please slow it down [Apr. 5th, 2007|08:47 pm]
[mood |deviousdevious]
[music |STP- Half the man I used to be]

Oh how I have neglected you poor livejournal though I promise to make it up to you in the near future. I guess I should inform this electronic community of recent activities. School first and foremost is driving me up the wall. Though I am not going full time per se , working nearly 33 hours a week and squeezing school in there is no task for the novice.

April fools day was pretty sweet, actually it was'nt but the best part was I glued a bunch of change to the cement in front of the store. The perpetual laughter that came out of everyone there was entirely getting super glue permanetly attached to two of my nails.

So I have decided that I am going to finish my degree and get it in psychology. After that I am going to try and move to california where I have no fucking clue what I will do. I am just completely fed up with this state and want to live somewhere else.

So there is this girl that I really like and I have'nt been able to talk to her for a long time now because of a terrible tragedy. I feel really bad for her but I just hope that she still likes me after she gets herself together because I really want to be there for her but I just do not know what to do. I don't know if I should let her have her space and let her call me or periodically call to see how she is. who knows.

All I know for sure is that I am somehwhat excited for the summer and what the future holds.

Your friend in time,
Jonathon Carlos Jorge
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The interworkings of my life [Sep. 10th, 2006|11:39 am]
Where to start this random update? Probably the most prominent change in my life is my new employment at sprint. I love that place, the company is so great to all of there employees.For example the other day at work the regional marketing guy came in and did a couple of things and then bought an outrageous amount of buffalo wild wings for everyone. The next thing is school starting already I had a revelation. The past couple months I have been really re working my life and the first day of school really cemented my choice of not wanting to do anything with law or criminal justice. I do not know what I am going to do but I am sure that things will unfold as they should,in writing that I remember that is a quote from a movie but I am not sure of what it is. It's still so hard everyday to not have my grandma with me or tell her all about my life,I just wish I could talk to her one more time. So who knows where my life is going or who will be in it in the next couple months though I know that the next 4 months are going to shape where and who I will be.

That is all from the world of Jonathon Carlos Jorge
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The love that I have will never falter [Jul. 2nd, 2006|03:27 am]
[mood |cynicalcynical]

Well I guess this is the most recent update that I have done in a while. I guess the most pertinent thing that I have had to deal with recently with is the death of my grandmother. I have never really experienced a death in my life and this is definetly the hardest thing that i have ever had to do. My grandma meant so much to me and the fact that she is gone now gives me chills and makes it hard for me to finish each day without breaking down. She has been gone only like a week and I miss her so much already. It is hard not believing in religion in a time like this because I want to believe in an afterlife so much but logically I can not bring myself to believing that there is sometype otherworld that everyone ends up. I am already having a hard time trying to move on because my grandmother was really like a second mother to me. I worry for my grandpa as well. I have never seen him cry in his entire lifetime until my grandma's funeral and he somewhat let it go. I am still in shock that I am never going to see my grandma again. At least she got to see my brother graduate right before she died, it almost seemed like it was destined to happen. I swear at the beginning of this year that I felt something terrible was going to happen and now know what that terrible thing is. I just love my grandma so much and now I am clinging to every memory I have of her and every physical object that she has touched.
In other news I am completly depressed. I have not had a good day in such a long time. I am so lonely at nights now and I just wish that I could find a girl that makes me fell whole. But I do not see that happening and with everything that is going on now I just want to move away so bad because now that that my grandma is gone I have nothing that is holding me back
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Contrary to popular belief I am not dead [Apr. 6th, 2006|12:16 am]
It has been ages since I have updated this journal and now I feel compelled to write in it for some reason. I have been enjoying the unemployed life now for what seems to be more than a month. I was fired because I tried to bring a union into my job because quite honestly our management is a bunch of fucks. So understandably they frown upon this type of behavior and therefore I was canned. The ironic thing is that I could not collect unemployment because I did not work enough and now I don't work at all.
Things in my life now are so weird and fucked up I don't know how to describe it.I feel like im a walking ghost that is just going through the motions. I have fallen into a daily monotonous routine that I hate. Maybe its because I do not have a job and Im kinda going stir crazy or maybe I deep down believe that I need to move to california to go to school. Its not even about the school out there it would be because of the environment and the lifestyle change that would happen to me. I feel like I have become a recluse or a hermit. Realistically I don't see anyone anymore, really its just the guys and then scattered in between on the weekend I will see some other familiar face that I know but I really won't even be able to speak to them because I will be at a party.It seems now that the only time I get out is for exercise school and the occasional errand that I have to run but other than that i am in the confines of my room plotting where to take my life next
I am going to try to work at mesaba airlines, and the emphasis on try becasue if they start me off with shitty as fuck hours im going to tell them to shove that job up there ass. But I think I might just suck it up because If im going to california then im gonna need to do some scouting and meet up with smut. The one thing that I know for sure is that this summer is going to be THE summer that will define who I am and where I am going. This is going to be the summer of change and I will guarantee that by the end of it I will be a better person but If im going to stay in this part of the country is another question within itself.

Your Friend in Time,
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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2006|02:03 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Lost Prophets- We still kill the old way]

One Weak
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Cali here i come [Sep. 15th, 2005|04:51 pm]
I will be departing the state of michigan in 2 hours for the great state of california
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|11:14 pm]
Weezer/Foofighters show tickets go on sale this saturday, who is coming with me
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Pay attention mother fuckers [Aug. 2nd, 2005|12:34 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |A perfect Circle -Judith]

Hey I finally got the my space up and running and I need friends. So this is where you all of you play that pivotal role and add me as a friend .  http://www.myspace.com/13001010
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2005|04:54 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]

Why am I always getting fucked over and why cant I be happy like everyone else
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In over my head [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:57 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Nirvana-Where did you sleep last night]

Well for those of you dying to know about my personal life but dont really talk to me I will share some of this personal information with you. I am talking to gail again. This time she is single for three weeks and calling me daily. I did nothing to initiate this reconnection and I am not sure where this is going or what will happen. I dont care what anyone really thinks because right now in the present she makes me feel amazing and that is all that matters. I can not predict the future nor can I say what will happen so that is why I am not sitting around debating what to do. I am just gonna go with the flow and see where this takes me. I may be hurt again or I may have something totally amazing but I feel I need to take this chance.
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